The Willis Story:

When Tricia’s dad, Ben, was ill and bedridden, she brought him a bear she had purchased at a gift shop in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.

Tricia said to her dad: “When you’re in pain or feeling angry, you can throw him across the room and he’ll come back and love you even more.”

I was standing nearby and when I heard her warm and loving words, I exclaimed: “Tricia, that would make a wonderful children’s book!” To my amazement, Tricia went away and wrote her beautifully heartfelt book. And now, finally, it’s been published with the title, “Willis: Something Was About to Happen.”

I hope you’ll enjoy reading her book as much as I enjoyed editing it. Every sentence is filled with Tricia’s love for her dad and her hopes that everyone might have a Willis in their life to encourage and comfort them through challenging times.