Maritza Miari is an artist and senior designer with over twenty years’ experience. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture and Drawing in 1988, and with a degree in Informational Design in Havana, Cuba in 1993. Her illustrations have been published in more than 25 books, and her art pieces have been exhibited in Cuba, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Spain, and Canada.  In 2007 she was honoured in Cuba with the “Best Illustrations for Children” Award.

Having settled in Nova Scotia in 2010, Maritza developed new goals and began new projects. In 2013, she was a member of the Jury of the Canada Council for the Arts in Ottawa. Recognized for her style that ranges from mystical creatures to social humour, Maritza creates traditional as well as digital illustrations, paintings, murals, sculptures, jewelry, and graphic designs, blending her Cuban background and Italian heritage with Nova Scotia’s unique and artistic atmosphere. In 2010 Maritza Miari ​became a member of​ VANS (Visual Arts​ of Nova Scotia), WFNS (Writers Federation of Nova Scotia) and Art Focus Art group.​